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Prom :D
Written @ 5:12 PM

Prom. One moment it could be formal and nearly sacred like a wedding, next moment it could be wild with virtually everyone on the dance floor as if they were clubbing. One moment it's like some variety show, then the next moment it's like the runway with the best-dressed sashaying and striking their best poses. And in the end, there's the part where everyone takes photos with the ones they believe they'd miss. It's like poise,playful,fun and a hint of nostalgic all in one package. It's cool. There are so many people i will miss, some that I expected I'd miss, and some that i never thought i would. All the bittersweet memories in secondary school... but now that it's ended. All bitter's forgotten and only sweet is buried deep down in our hearts. Like a shooting star, our secondary school lives burned with intensity and then disappeared into the distance...

Written @ 2:37 AM
I used to worry that if I serve too actively, I would have not enough time to study. But after I started to just go for it, I learnt that when you serve, God gives you indescribable peace and it seemed as if I had more time, because the time I had, I was able to concentrate better. And my grades improved. It is definitely God :D So if you're reading this and you happen to be contemplating if you want to serve. Well, just GO FOR IT! Take a leap of faith. When you meet difficulties, pray & he will help you.

Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus
1 Timothy 3:13

Believing over understanding
Written @ 2:58 AM
Have you ever been in a situation when your parents ask you to do something that you don't understand why you have to do it? I have. At times like this, it is when trust is required. How much do you trust that person to believe that what they ask you to do is for the best? It makes obeying hard, but that's also what makes obeying so important and special. don't you think? Today, after taking up the book "The purpose driven life" I learnt something. That undertanding can wait, but obedience can't. Cause delay obedience= disobedience. I find that very true, cause if you were in a dangerous situation, and your mum told you to run, but you refused to and demanded a reason...you'd probably have died already. I also learnt something else, that obedience unlocks understanding, and that is also very true. When you obey, you will be able to see the results(outcome) after that and then you would understand. Just something I learnt.

Now I feel nothing,cause He is enough for me.
Written @ 7:11 AM
Today, I went for the night prayer. Now I feel nothing. Many times that we hear this, we hear it from people,who are empty. They try so hard to climb up but then they feel nothing. But today, I say it not because I feel empty,but because I do not feel fear, doubt, pride, envy, hate, or anxiety. I cease to feel these feelings. And I am happy I do not feel these. I do not feel my baggages- of sin and guilt. Or even loneliness-my greatest fear. Today, as I walk home, I do not feel afraid, I do not feel lonely that I have no one by my side. But I feel contentment. Contentment that I have never felt before. All the fear I once had, seemed to have vanished and although I know they were once there,I am certain they are now gone. Never again will I say something that breaks down anyone,in front or behind their back and never again will I hate those who have gossiped about me or hurt me. For the Lord has forgiven me and I will serve him on his terms and on his terms only.

Build others up,you'll grow too:)
Written @ 9:24 AM
Today, I learnt something new from voices(youth service). I learnt that we actually have the freedom to do many things. But not everything is beneficial. So I was just thinking, if it isn't beneficial, what's the point in doing it? Furthermore,some things are not only not beneficial, they are actually detrimental to ourselves as well as others. Cause what goes around, really does come around. When you judge others, you'll find that you seem to judge yourself more too. The lesser grace you give to others,the lesser grace you'll get when you screw up. Cause the way you measure others is usually the way you'll measure yourself. In fact, you might even be stricter to yourself. And when you build up others, you will always feel a feeling of satisfaction. And that is something that no amount of gossip can ever get you. When you speak positive, you feel encouraged. When you speak negative, you feel demoralized. Like a hypnotic spell, what you say seems to miraculously change your perspective as well as others. All it takes is one person to speak positive and impact others to follow suit. This is the power of your voice. This is my voice. What's yours?

Written @ 3:21 AM
God is truly faithful to us, the bad thing that happened today has been resolved! I'm so happy, didn't think my prayer would be answered this fast! Praise the lord! Just after typing the prev post then suddenly i got a text from my friend and received good news. Truly a miracle. Hope that the other matters will be resolved too. But for now, I'm contented. No complaints:D

Make the best of what you have.
Written @ 3:03 AM
Well, today something bad happened in my school. It really ruined our mood. However, today my teacher said something really meaningful. He said, when things like that happen, don't bother complaining cause there's nothing you can do. Just try your best and make the best of it. So ya,i learnt a valuable lesson today. I'm not necessary the person with the best temper, so, when i get mad i just can't help but complain and get all agitated. But i learnt that complaining does not help. cause if u actually observe, the person who complains will not stop after having said his/her piece, they will usually continue aimlessly. And even if they do stop, they have already ruined the mood of others who will in turn complain, and the cycle goes on. So now, i'm going to change. I'm going to learn how to do everything without complaining without arguing,and make the best of what i have.